MFP (802.11w) support with wpad-basic-wolfssl/OpenWrt 22.03.2


First, as we are January 1st, happy new year and a lot of projects for OpenWRT in 2023.

I am running OpenWRT 22.03.2 with wpad-basic-wolfssl and WPA3-SAE

MFP (802.11w) is enabled and required:

In the documentation it is written that OpenWRT requires full hostapd version.

MFP Requires the 'full' version of wpad/hostapd and support from the Wi-Fi driver

On the converse, it appears that MFP is supported by wpad-basic-wolfssl by default, so the documentation should be wrong:

iw dev wlan0 station dump | grep MFP
	MFP:		yes
	MFP:		yes

Sould I install the full version of wpad-wolfssl or should we remove this warning from the documentation?

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MFP is a hard requirement for WPA3, accordingly the preinstalled wpad package gained support for it.