MF286D - Install and Unlock

Hi all, I just got a MF286D off from eBay and I see that the only installation method is via serial console. Is that also the only method if the device has been unlocked? Thanks

locked/unlocked has nothing to do with openwrt.

Thanks, I understood that, in order to unlock it, you flash another firmware. I was hoping it had telnetd or something similar I could use to connect to the console without invalidating the warranty.

that could be the case, but it's probably going to be the modem's firmware, not the routers.

Thanks again for the clarification. I saw many websites talking about "software" unlock via a diverse firmware that I didn't even think it could have been just SIM locked.

The only MF286d that have been locked are TIM Italia.
3 UK are not locked, Play Poland are not locked, Telia are not locked, think there's another one.

Interesting, the same seller has the Three version and the "Unlocked" version. I am thinking it could be that they meant that is debranded or re-flashed at this stage. It's arriving today and I will see if I can get to play with it in the weekend :slight_smile: Thanks!

Probably irrelevant, but AFAIK Play and Telia are the same SE company.

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I have two of the Three version, they definitely are not locked.

As I expected, the seller flashed Nordic_MF286D_B11 despite the label clearly say Three (3). Unfortunately, I will need to open it and invalidate the warranty to install openwrt :frowning:

3 or Nordic doesn't make any difference.

there's some useful info plus a shortcut, command wise, when flashing the 286D, in Cheap Router with LTE/4G, Wifi 2.4/5GHz and Eth-Ports - #60 by wrt4thg

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Nordic, oh there's a ZTE framework if you have a Windows PC to flash from Nordic to Openwrt:

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I read that it doesn't work unless you use b04 or lower in other forums. I have a windows PC so I can still give it a go. Thanks!

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You can always flash it from within Openwrt, if you really want the Nordic FW, and not Openwrt.

I need to get openwrt in it first but no, my goal is to have openwrt, I just don't like the idea to lose the warranty, that's all.

If you bought it off eBay, what warranty were you given ?

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1 year, the seller is a company.

Eternal Communications?

Exactly right.

Not true IIRC. Telia and Nordic are.
Play uses some outdated firmware on their modems, it is recommended from experience of polish folks to first switch to Nordic firmware, go up to B12 and then load OpenWrt. Using framework to load OpenWrt also has side effect of switching modem firmware, which can possibly downgrade it, so beware.

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