Metrobank app (Philippines) complains about insecure network


I just got a credit card from Metrobank (in the Philippines), and the only way to activate it is through their mobile app:

The problem is that this app refuses to work: just after the login, it claims that my home WiFi network is insecure. In fact, it is secured using WPA3 Personal using a 15-character password.

It works over a mobile connection (but still doesn't let me activate the card, but that's a separate problem). If there are any other owners of Metrobank cards, can you share what you did to make the app work?

"Solved": it works over WPA2.

EDIT: WPA3 Enterprise (with freeradius3 running on the same OpenWrt router) also works.

Sounds like Metrobank need a new IT department or they are standing in line to be one of the next companies together with healthcare and churches in general that all stand in line to be victims of some kind of cybercrime activity in the future.

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