Meshing 2 Routers

Helllo I'm new around here and around OpenWrt in general. I saw a couple of tutorials on how to create a mesh with 2 or more devices.My problem is I have 2 routers running OpenWrt 18.06.4 (the 1st one is tl-wr941nd v5, 2nd one is tl-wr841n v11.1.Both have the same version of OpenWrt)
and i was wondering could it be designed in a way that the 2 routers are connected to eachother through a cable and not wirelessly cause I want it to be as fast as possible while not using my wireless bandwith.And it would have a seprate gateway withe the DHCP and internet.And i would be able to go aroud the house without needing to switch wifi networksSo it would like this(sorry for terrible Paint design :

If it is needed i wouldn't mind there being a computer 24/7 online for managment.!

I don't really see why you would want a mesh in that case?

Plain AP ("dumb-AP") with IEEE 802.11r/k/v enabled would be all you'd need there.


Just setup your 2nd router as a dumb AP like @slh described. Give all your wifis the same SSID and the same passphrase. Give the wifis different channels (e.g. 1st AP on channel 1 und 2nd AP on channel 6). Then roaming will work. That's what I guess you want to achieve!

OK thanks to both of you soo much