Mesh with WRT3200ACM

So I installed OpenWRT for the first time today and everything is running awesome. But I am curious, is it possible to get 2 of my Velop Mesh routers working with this OpenWRT? I've tried searching and didn't see much info

I have a similar set of mesh add on discs, but as of yet can't get them working, it causes havoc with my openwrt router if they are connected... Still trying to figure out why.

I connected my set of 2 Velop nodes to my Linksys 3200ACM w/ OpenWRT today. It's been working good for the past 6 hours or so. I didn't set them as bridged or anything though. I plugged the modem into the 3200ACM and then the first node into the 3200ACM. The linksys android app will try to connect to the Node and fail. You then connect your phones WiFi to the Velop SSID with the password under the node. Then when you try connecting the node it will work fine and allow for adding other nodes, which also seem to work fine.

The drivers for the WRT3200ACM do not support mesh networks.

Yeah that is pretty common info from searching. I think most people were curious of how to get it working well with OpenWRT in general. It's working perfectly with the way I've mentioned, even allow for keeping the nodes customization. I only had problems before because when setting up the node it shows the same screen about 3x in a row like "are you surrrrre the light is blinking purple? and that you've restarted bluetooth?" And then eventually it says to connect the phone to the Nodes SSID with the password on the underside and try again. And then that makes it work