Mesh: OLSR, Batman, libremesh, or ...?

Hi everbody,
I installed openWRT on 3 AVM Repeaters (FritzRepeater 300E & 3000) and would like to set up a mesh network for home and private use. For that I'm looking for a way that's not too complicated and time consuming concerning installation, configuration and maintenance.
I'm new to this subject and not sure which system fits the best my needs.
I wanted to give OLSR a try, cause of the possibilty to configure it via the Luci Webinterface. But I stumbled across an article where it says that OLSR v1 isn't developed anymore.

Can say anybody which version of OLSR (v1 or v2) is implemented in OpenWRT 19.07.x?

Would be OLSR a good choice or is it worth to use batman, or struggle through the compilation of libremesh?
Any suggestions?


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