Mesh network on ubiquiti pro


I have two ubiquiti router stations pro, and two doodle radios, is it possibl to flash barrier breaker with BATMAN advanced onto the routerboard and set up a mesh network, more nodes will be added later.


Barrier Breaker, no -- unsupported for many years, known insecure, doesn't support current mesh protocols and routing approaches

v18.06.2, yes, if your devices are presently supported


Jeff thanks for the quick response.
Below the hardware info for the ubiquity router-station pro. I have Ubuntu loaded on a virtual machine. I have compiled Chaos Calmer and configured it with BATMAN. Would I be better off compiling v18.06.2 instead. I want to set up a mesh for remote devices to stream video. Ubiquity router-station pro supports the doodle lab radios. Both support openWRT. I do not mind spending time working with the hardware as long as it is possible to achieve.
Any advice appreciated.

|System-on-Chip|Atheros (AR7161) MIPS 24K|
|CPU Speed|680 MHz|
|Flash size|16 MiB|
|RAM|128 MiB DDR|
|Wireless|3x 32-bit Mini-PCI slots (None included)|
|Switch|Atheros AR8316|
|Ethernet ports|1+3|


There is a release version 18.06.2 for the RouterStation Pro. You would also need to install kmod-batman-adv and the kmods for at9k and ath10k (and ath10k firmware) for the wifi cards. There is no need to compile anything yourself.


Any chance you have a link to that release, both radios already have ath 10k firmware installed, Cheers.


It should be this one:


Cheers thanks for the help,

What is the best way to transfer these files to the board, Ubuntu, which I have on a virtual machine, or windows 10 my current operating system. Any places that give a good step by step set of instructions.


A "factory" image can usually be flashed from the stock firmware's web interface using any web browser. But always check the devices OpenWrt wiki page for instructions.