Merge two more wifi!

I have one more wifi connection and the two wifi connection are same isp and same ip (shared ip). Is there any way to merge the two connection? then i can get double speed! Thanks in advance.

You will not get double speed...a packet can only use one interface...but you can double available bandwidth. :wink:

There's many ways...mwan3...route half the traffic (e.g. 2x CIDR /1's)' etc.

Is there has no way though the ISP and ip are same? by bridge, reapter, extender functionality?

I'm sorry...can you clarify your question please?

I don't understand.

I want to combine my wifi and my another wifi to get double speed like my wifi has 2mbps connection and other one has 3mbps so, i want the combine 3+2=5mbps! Same isp and same ip (shared ip)

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Can you give an example of this shared IP?
Usually you can combine 2 or more uplinks with mwan3, but there are some limitations to it.

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The isp connection connected by ppoe. When i type what is my ip on browser then the two wifi ip are same, that's mean i am using shared ip. Can you tell me full tutorial of mwan3? Thanks.

It's still not clear what do you mean by that.

These are two of your DSL lines? Two of your neighbors' DSL lines?

Many ISPs use carrier grade NAT (CGNAT) where several customers will share one public IPv4 address. This is not your address.

Bonding multiple connections requires participation at both ends of the links. If you don't have control of the other end, the best you can do is load balance.

If you have two lines to your house now ask the ISP if they offer a bonded service. This will be a special modem with two lines incoming to the same box, and it is truly twice as fast with no setup required on your end. Also it likely costs less than two separate lines.


Yes, the two wifi is mine but isp don't provide bonded service.

I think you should be more explicit, and give us more info, it's all very confusing...

I think you mean you have one router and one internet connection, perhaps with two bands (2.4 GHz and 5GHz), and you want to combine them to get better speed.

Is that what you need?

I have two router and two wifi connection! I want to combine two wifi to get double speed.

you will almost never get double the speed, but you'll get double the bandwidth.

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Now, can your devices connect to two access points at the same time (most can't)? Or you have several devices, and want to share the bandwidth among them?

Perhaps you want to connect a third router to both access points, and share the connection with your devices?

Have you considered to have one router and one access point, connected to two ISPs?