Mercusys MR80X Support

GPL Code Available

stulluk disassemble & got serial console.
Bought it for Around $40

Device info:

SoC: Qualcomm IPQ0509 Dual-Core Processor
RAM: 256Mbyte
Flash: Gigadevice 128Mbyte SD-NAND
Ethernet Switch: Realtek RTL8367S

Photos and serial uart logs

you own it, you'll be adding it ...

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Any progress on these? Good deal on now

until someone opens one up, and check what SoC it uses, there's no way of telling if it's even supportable ...

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I've waiting for a year to OpenWRT support this. It really has a bad firmware, please someone help us :frowning:

and you'll have to keep waiting ...

I might but you don't have to be an a**hole about this, what kinda sad person you are to reply someone who was kindly asking for help?

what kind of a sad person can't open their device up, to see if it's even supportable ... ?
you need to do some leg work yourself (actually most of it), if a new device is to be supported

I've never said i can't open it up, i simply don't know where to look and what should i note. I literally tried to find any documentation about it but there wasn't any, i will open it up and look for what? And what you mean by leg work?

Simply post a photo of the PCB, try to read the markings on the big ICs, if they're hard to catch taking a photo.

Do most of the job required to get it supported, you're the guy with the device..

I've tried to open it right now while waiting for your reply and it's fricking hard to tear this thing. Is there any way to learn what SoC it's using without opening it up? And i've got no skill in those jobs, it's better to sell this and buy another cheap model which supports OpenWRT.

Thank you for your explanation though, see, you can have dialogue with people without being an a*ss

I managed to disassemble & get a serial console on my MR80X. Bought it for a really low price compared to others ( Around $40 )

Device info:
SoC: Qualcomm IPQ0509
RAM: 256Mbyte
Flash: Gigadevice 128Mbyte SD-NAND
Ethernet Switch: Realtek RTL8367S

Here are some photos and serial uart logs:

Can anybody guide me, is there a way to run OpenWRT on this device and be able to run it with repeater/Bridge mode that I described in my blog ?

Then how the manufacturer itself is running a variation of the openwrt itself in the first place ?

Old version of openwrt, closed source drivers, not necessarily the same as the ones (if at all) available in Linux.

How about dd-wrt ? Is there any way to have repeater + bridge mode on this device or just throw away ?

You'd have to ask ddwrt about ddwrt.

No idea what stock fw is capable of, but currently, Openwrt is a no go.

Ok, thank you for clarification.

This thread == status.

Bad buy, from an OpenWRT point of view.

Apples and bananas, not even the same SoC.

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