Mercusys MR60X support

Hi ,
I see Mercusys MR70x and MR90x supported by openwrt, will it be possible to build openwrt image for MR60x too ?

I couldn't find any wikidevi to check for device chip but assuming it's Mediatek , can I build image for the same ?
Also any tips for checking the physical device to get chip , flash , ram ?

@nicefile , If possible would like your help

Open it up.

Sure as soon as it's back in stock. Also , if it's Mediatek can I build a image for it ?

You can build an image, but I wouldn't flash it, since you'd probably end up with a soft brick.

Every device needs a customized image.

What are the requirements for router to run openwrt ? I see most Broadcom doesn't support openwrt. Other requirement would be 16MB flash 128MB Ram I guess.
Given all the hardware requirements are met , how can I build image for the same

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from quick investigation:

MR60X v1: MediaTek MT7621 (basic.config in MR60X-gpl/build/)
MR60X v2: Realtek RTL8197F? (kernel data in MR60Xv2-up-ver1-0-4-P1[20230529-rel42385]_2023-05-29_11.48.03.bin)


@musashino @solaris7 Seems MR60X v1 is doable but boot log is needed or firmware (firmware dump) and willing tester

Unfortunately I have switched to MR70X as it seems to already have support for Openwrt and was just $10 extra.
But thank you for considering anyhow

Fw/Dump won't really do you any good.