Meraki network of 800 locations

I have a network of meraki MR12 spread all over the country, around 1000 locations. Assuming that I am able to flash all of them with OpenWRT, will I be able to manage all of them remotely ? if so, do you know how ? I already flashed one and it is up and running properly in the same LAN that I am located.

Also, with Open WRT installed and running on the meraki mr12 device, do you know if I would be able to access and pull information from:

  • the syslog file ? The syslog file on meraki tracks and shows the websites visited by users.

  • the API CMX: this API has data and information about devices detected like MAC address, Operating System, etc.

  • the Splash Page ? the Splash page is the landing page once connected to the WiFi network. I need to be able to customized this landing page.

Thank you so much for your help.

@jp_82, welcometo the community!

OpenWrt has the ability to send via syslof protocol.

Is this an OpenWrt or Cisco feature?

This can be done once you install the appropriate software.

Also you may wish to see this thread:

Connections aren't logged by default, but the softflowd package can be installed to collect netflow data.

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thank you for your responses lleachii.

What is syslof protocol ?

API CMX is a Cisco feature. We are trying to find similar feature on OpenWrt

Splash Page: what is the appropriate SW ? install on the meraki mr12 ?

softflow protocol ? where can I download it and how can I install it on the meraki mr12 ?
Thank you mk24 :o)

My apologies... syslog protocol - you access this on the System > System > Logging page on the LuCI web GUI.

opkg update
opkg install softflowd

Or, you can browse to the System > Software page to install.