Meraki MR33 - verify Uboot version

I 've got a Meraki MR33 that's now unlicensed, and consider flashing it.
Got the hardware in summer 2017, and it had it's firnware updated since then.
Current firmware from Meraki is MR 26.6.1.

As the Uboot version determines if the MR33 can be flashed succesfully, some questions:

Do the Meraki updates also update the Uboot version?

Is there a way to verify the Uboot version from the AP's firmware version or any other way, without using the serial cable and verify through a CLI ?

@JayJay, welcome to the community!

From knowledge of other threads (second-hand knowledge of course), the firmware may update any time it get an Internet connection - this includes the bootloader (in fact, the install instructions found on the Wiki states this. I've heard of other Meraki models having different firmware versions too, it really isn't clear if this is due to the date of manufacturer; but I would assume the same applies. Otherwise:

  • You'll have to ask Cisco (and since it's unlicensed, you have no support :frowning_face:)
  • As an option, you might be able to find the person who wrote the instructions in the Wiki

Usually when there's no alternative directions in the Wiki, you'd have to do some "discovering" yourself. Lastly, the install instructions require accessing the serial port anyways...and my only advice would require you to temporally boot OpenWrt, which needs serial...

So I want to make sure that you've seen the Wiki:

Hope this helps.

Thanks Wayne .
This is helpful.....
to be sure I can flash the kit, I need to access the device using serial cable.