Meraki MR33 (Unknown board connector)

Hello everybody,

I am playing with a Meraki MR33 (page here) and I saw on the board a connector that caught my attention (It is located in image 1 of the meraki page, below the IPQ4029)... The connector has 10 pins so thought it could be a usb 3.0 micro b pinout connector, because the chip IPQ4029 supports it. But after measure voltages with a multimeter I am disappointed, it does not look like a USB header.


I am attaching an image of the information I have about pins.

Any idea about what this connector could be?

Thanks in advance.

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Just guessing: JTAG perhaps?

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Nop, no jtag. Connectors in purple seems to be isolated (no function) except for the one in the middle of the tree.