Meraki MR18 - No Internet Connection

I am trying to setup Meraki MR18 as a Wireless Repeater / Extender but getting stuck at not getting internet access on the device.

Firmware version is 19.07.04 and I have reset everything on the device by pressing the reset hole and connecting vis and setting one of the radios to connect to the WiFi Access Point. That is done successfully and I get the Associated Station:-

I then try to check for the internet connection by going to System/Software and Update Lists and I get the following error>

I would appreciate any guidance.


I'd upgrade to 19.07.10 first

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What is the IP range on the AP you connect to?

:spiral_notepad: If the range is also, you'll have to change the OpenWrt's network scheme to another (e.g. by making the router

Also as @hecatae suggested, it's not a bad idea to upgrade either.

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OK, I resolved the internet connection.This issue was indeed that the IP of my AP was the same as Meraki I changed the IP of Meraki to and it worked.

I was trying to set up Bridge mode through Relayd. See my other thread on how I did as I am having other issues.

Thanks for all for your help.

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