Meraki MR18 bricked or what?

Hello people,

I have 2 meraki MR-18 ap's. One is the first become in the first month of the product comed into market, used until it was free from Cisco, after that flashed to openwrt ver 17.

In these year (2021) end of august i had freshed the FW to version 19 and begin used 802.11s (meshing) on device without any problem.

The second device arrived to me last Saturday. It had ver 18. FW what i had freshed also right the beggining to ver 19. Also configured at monday 802.11s meshing on it.

Both device use POE for power.

Today i woke up and experienced that the last buyed MR18 is operating no more. No sign of link on ethernet. It was only a bit warmer, it means no egg could be make it on :slight_smile:
I had waited few seconds, and tried to use its standard power adapter, when i experienced that theled is comed up as white. Also if i connect the ethernet with poe the device will boot up, but only the white led shows. now i had no one console uart cable to check up the console, so the only thing i can ask, that have i some hope, or the device had been bricked?

Experienced someone same simptoms?

Thank you, best regards,


I don't know what it's problem.
But you can use the other MR18 as TTY simply crossing the TX RX cables. So typing from console
cat /dev/ttyS0
and starting the second MR18.