Meraki MR12 - Dual Radio

I have recently setup a Meraki MR12 with the following firmware:

LEDE Reboot 17.01.4 r3560-79f57e422d / LuCI lede-17.01 branch (git-17.290.79498-d3f0685)

with Kernel Version: 4.4.92

Wondering if it is possible to enable the second radio for 5Ghz.

This is the contents of /etc/config/wireless

config wifi-device 'radio0'
	option type 'mac80211'
	option channel '11'
	option hwmode '11g'
	option path 'pci0000:00/0000:00:00.0'
	option htmode 'HT20'
	option legacy_rates '1'
	option country 'CA'

I have also removed the wireless file and ran wifi config and only the single radio appears.

The Meraki MR12 is an enterprise class, single-radio 802.11n
cloud-managed access point designed for deployments in
small-to-medium businesses, home and branch offices, hotels
and retail stores.

(emphasis mine)

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So they are. I was confusing them with the MR16's we have. Thanks for the prompt reply.

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Based on MR16 wiki, you just add following lines in /etc/config/wireless:

config wifi-device 'radio1'
	option type 'mac80211'
	option hwmode '11a'
	option path 'pci0000:00/0000:00:12.0'
	option txpower '13'
	option country 'US'
	option htmode 'HT40'
	option channel '40'

config wifi-iface
	option device 'radio1'
	option network 'lan'
	option mode 'ap'
	option encryption 'psk2+ccmp'
	option ssid 'YOUR_SSID.5GHz'
	option macaddr '02:18:1A:xx:xx:xx'

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