Meraki 42 number of CPU threads


Does Meraki MR42 have 4 cores available?
According to the documentation it should

Could it be a wrong U-Boot issue?


That is correct. 2x Krait 300 armv7 cores for general usage and 2x NSS (special) cores that are not yet supported by openwrt (see NSS thread here on the forums)


Thanks for explanation maurer.

I hope that support for additional cores will appear someday because it's a really nice piece of equipment. I will add that during the installation I had a problem with loading the partition, I managed by entering U-boot (space) downloading the system to RAM from TFTP xxx.itb and starting it from RAM and reinstalling the target system.

I'm posting if someone has a similar problem with the lack of a partition after starting the kernel :slight_smile:

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