Menuconfig Will Not Display New Options


I've been trying to add a driver to a custom LEDE image, and I have done the following:

  1. Updated feeds.conf.default to have:
    src-git linkit
  2. Updated feeds by ./scripts/feeds update -a
  3. Installed packages by ./scripts/feeds install -a
  4. ran make menuconfig, and nothing new appears.
  5. I even try to modify the name of a subcategory for luci (existing package in my menuconfig), and no changes appear when running make menuconfig.

Is there something I have to do to have the menuconfig refresh it's sources? Any help is much appreciated.

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Even if they would show up, the pre-compiled binary files are for an old kernel v3.x. Lede has v4.9 for your SoC.

The patches that are included are also for very old versions of the current files, so 99% sure they will not be applied. You need to compile those drivers from source if you want them to work.

You might be able to download an old OpenWRT 15.x SDK and give that a try.

Thank you, I will give that a shot!

But why you want an old kernel, with old / not updated packages. Your device is supported and you can use the MT76 open source drivers for Wifi, Luci works OOTB with that.

All packages are updated, latest version. Security patches, new features etc. on the Lede build.

I'm currently using the Onion Omega2, and I would like to use a custom image. With a custom image, I can't use the wifi driver provided by Onion (which works well). Using the MT76 driver, I get a consistent 16% packet loss for pings.

I'm trying to use this linkit driver on the Omega2.

As an update, I did manage to get things to display in menuconfig. I had to manually change the "Section" and "Category" in the Makefile. I'm now working through getting all the dependencies included.

Will what I'm trying to do work?

Never saw that device. Looks cool. Like an arduino nano plus an esp8266. I even did a little project with an attiny85. Possibility I could use one to replace a raspberry pi.

I already looked to buy one, just to play with. How do you power them? I saw there are battery packs available, but I didn't really see a power adapter.

The MT7688 is it compatible with the MT7628? I believe it has a common driver. In which case I might be able to get the source code to compile for the newer kernel. Give me a few days to look into that.

Onion has some arduino-like docks so you can provide power via a USB from a computer or a barrel jack. Their store can be found here: I'm using a custom board, with a linear voltage regulator providing 3.3 V.

I believe the MT7688 is pin compatible with MT7628. I am very new to LEDE and doing these custom images / compilation, so this may be an obvious question: what exactly prevents using a newer kernel with an older driver?

It's more a generic Linux question:
Device drivers are special kernel modules. They need to be compiled with a specific kernel in mind. Even if the version is the same, one could leave stuff out especially in an embedded environment.

Compare, let's say trying to use a Windows 98 driver in Windows 10. It will not work because of a lot of internal changes in the OS. The driver needs to be updated or patched for the newer OS.

The link on your original post had binary files, no source code. And if you look they had specific kernel versions. While it is technically possible to patch binary code, normally you would patch the source code and compile together with the source code of the newer kernel.

Oh awesome, that makes sense. I was hoping for things to be more common between kernel versions.