Memtester for 18.06

Anyone compile Memtester (and other memory tests) for OpenWrt 18.06, for Arm32 & mips24k ?

haven't seen anyone asking about this before, but sounds like something that would be good to have in the repo.

you suspect your device has issues? Or you suspect its unusually slow doing some tasks?

My new router (LinkSys EA8500) currently don't have problems, but when I tuned my prev. router, TpLink 4300, I found memory errors and resolve it, corrected memory frequency from 450Mhz (as in stock) to 400Mhz (as in datasheet for memory chips).
But I used Memtester in old 12.09, OWrt & mips.

I think, that MemTester is nice test tool in any case, because memory may produce errors.

I actually do have a mips24k copy of the compiled package from earlier this year when I suspected a memory error on one of my devices. It ended up being a bad power supply.

I think the PR for it never got merged because it was considered too old and unmaintained.