Memory degrading on Nexx WT3020


Can`t find the reason why RAM degrades. Used htop, never can find a clue. It always been free about 30 MB. The problem started about month ago. Router stops responding until restart about two weeks due to memory loss.
I build image myself and upgrade every month or so. No changes in configuration. Has anyone experencied something like this on rt2880?
Can not find what is "eating" RAM


I have the same problem. I think that @tobiaswaldvogel found the cause:

Thanks. I will try to build new one when the fix is implemented. Will report how it goes

Sounds like the same issue. If you don't see any processes consuming the memory then it is a kernel memory leak.
In my case the reboot was even after only 5-10 hours. The impact seems to depend also on the connected devices, in my case it was a Dyson fan, which seemed to make it even worse.

Right now I'm running 3 days without any new memory reported by the kernel memory leak detector, so it seems that it is solved for good with my patch.

I just build trunk with the fix. Will report how it goes

Till now it looks OK - uptime 12h

Felix addressed the problem with commit;a=commitdiff;h=30b73fa5d8ab69514184f72e25a866e62e6cbbcb on his staging repo and will merge it soon to the openwrt/master
I tested this patch successfully and closed the PR, as my patch is not required anymore.

So you can expect that problem to be gone in a few days on the openwrt trunk or you can cherry pick this commit into you local copy.

Fixed in commit:


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