Medion NAS 2x3TB MD90223 (MSN:5004 9997)

Hi everyone,
I am using the above NAS and it is difficult to maintain this device. So i was looking and i found this site.

I have seen that there is an OS available for a model 89 (Single HDD) but i am curious if there is a way i could use the OpenWRT on my device aswell. Otherwise i have to buy a new NAS housing and putt the disks inside it. But that is very expensive to me right now so i hope someone can help me with it.

Kind regards
TroopRS (Roy)

The box is totally different. The supported model has an Oxnas 820 SoC, while your 2 disk box has a Marvel Kirkwood. (source)
Of course OpenWrt also supports a number of Kirkwood targets, but not this box (yet).

If this is in fact a Kirkwood based device then you might ask for help at doozan forum which provides support for booting Debian on a number of Kirkwood devices. There is already support for another Medion device which may be similar the Medion P89634.