Mediatek: official feed?

Is it a good idea to include official feed from mediatek to upstream?
At least i see many other posts regarding 'better version' of openwrt that is based on just these drivers.
On ther other hand others just think it is illegal, but i don't think so. All sources are under GPL and seems this code was intentionally made to be public.

That is not going to happen anyways.

No. The whole idea seems to me to be a solution looking for a problem.

The mt76 drivers in OpenWrt are pretty good. I have a room full of MediaTek devices. When I copy a file to my OpenWrt file server over an AX link, it saturates the speed of the connected hard drive. I for one am pretty happy with that.

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People will start looking at OpenWrt developers to maintain compatibility and fix issues, so: no. Leave that to MediaTek.


Which OpenWrt version do you currently use for mt76 11ax?

AW7915-NP1 in BPI-R2, 22.03.05
AW7916-NPD in BPI-R64 (x2), Master (2 months old)
BPI-R3 (built-in mt76 devices) Master (recent)

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11ax with 22.03.5? It should still be affected by the performance loss of 802.11ax worse than 802.11ac with mt76 driver?

I think that thread overstates the problem. Currently my BPI-R2 is acting as a client bridge. The wi-fi it is connected to is two floors under me. It gets -39dBm and connects at 1.4-1.5GBit bit rates. Real throughput is close to a gigabit out to the internet. I'm pretty pleased with the performance.

Of course, your mileage will vary, and interference will make a significant difference depending on where you are. That said, I've never had any performance issues with mt76 devices on 22.03.

EDIT: More of an issue for me on 22.03 than mt76 drivers is the fact that bridger isn't in this release, which makes it so WED doesn't work for a client bridge.

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Yes then you might be not affected by the problem.