Mediatek MT7628 TRACE32 (JTAG) Please tell me how to interlock

TRACE32 and my device are connected to JTAG to sys.up, and memory dump is executed.

I would like to dump and download flash memory (winbond W25Q128BV).

Thank you.

do you know the physical address of the flash memory? Then you can save it to a file with the following command: <file.bin> <start>++<size>
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How do I know the physical address of flash memory?
Is the address 0xbc000000 in the captured image RAM?


It is more complex. Your chip is serial FEPROM chip (16MB). This memory is NOT mapped to normal address space. It is just available as SPI device.
You will probably have to read the manual about flashes. It should be possible to dump the contents from serial flash to file (probably through memory). The WinBond chip itself is supported by Lauterbach as W25Q128.
Please download yourself the manual for Lauterbach Commands "flash" and probably "flashfile".