Mediatek - Mini PCIe card to PCIe conversion


I'm think of using AsiaRF WS2433 card in a PC for 5GHz wireless. What I don't understand is can I plug it in a PCI-e x1 slot as the specs suggest there is no 5V connector. There are many adapters (mini pci-e to pci-e) but I can't understand if that will work. Do you have any ideas if I plug the card what voltage would the card be using or some suggestions regarding how could I achieve this?


Should work. Although I must ask how you got ahold of that card :slight_smile:

I think their listing 5 volts in the spec table is a misprint. All mini-PCIe cards run on 3.3v and/or 1.5v. The adapter cards have a regulator to produce 1.5v for the mini card.

It does look like a nice card, though the TX power isn't very high.

Actually I'm thinking of ordering some Chinese version of the same card as I can't fathom how to order it from AsiaRF. I will update you as soon as it arrives.