Mediatek 802.11k implementation

I use an AC-1200 USB dongle with mt76x2u loaded driver. It allows me to get a beacon report, but this report is always empty.

wlan0: BEACON-RESP-RX 00:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx 62 04

Actually it should be something like this

wlan0: BEACON-RESP-RX 00:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx 62 04 [binary code written as hex...]

I tried it with a Nexus 5X and it works fine. So it has to be some driver issue.
Where do I report that stuff? Can somebody confirm that mediatek driver implementations of 802.11k do not work?

Edit: The driver seems to load mt7662.bin firmware. I can not find the firmware files? And looking in the driver, it seems not to be some kind oft softmac. Everything seems to be handeld in firmware. :confused: And the firmware is 5 years old.

Nope the firmware is from 2017-02-17.

Github Issue

Okay mode 2 is working.