Media server on OpenWrt

I'm wondering if there is any media servers for openwrt like plex, emby, or some other program i've not heard of?

It is a request from multiple people asking me that only know how to use tablets and phones (not apple products at least) so there is little to no chance or physical space for them being able to setup a dedicated server. I have access to luci on each of their routers so installing and configuring something like luci-app-mediaserver from the luci software page is something I can do remotely and easily.

I'm using openwrt on an Odroid h2+ with 16gb ddr4 and a 1tb USB3 hdd.

maybe what you want

Not the answer you're hoping for, but some of the nvidia shield devices (the bigger ones, not the sticks) can run Plex Media Server without an option to transcode files. Those would be the smallest devices (afaik) which can run Plex Media Server.

With Emby/Kodi being more open, maybe at some point someone will try to port them to an OpenWrt running on a reasonably powerful x86-based systems, but I wouldn't hold my breath for it.

I saw that and that is interesting from my perspective of learning and if I ever get my hands on one, I will try it out.

I did ask the emby developers today about openwrt and they responded with "Can you run Docker?". I'm going to continue down that route but having never heard of docker outside of pants, I'm afraid im going to be out of my league trying to get emby server to run on openwrt.

Actually, some architectures can run docker on OpenWrt:

And there is (or used to be) even Plex Media Server docker image as well.

There's a lot of very patient and equally as knowledgeable people on the forum which may help if you if you do your homework first and try to run docker/PMS docker image and detail step by step what you're doing if things don't go well.

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Thanks, I am going to try and make use of that. Unfortunately, with docker specifically, I'm just running it. The homework you speak of I am interested in because both the plex and emby docker page dont really give me info about docker and the real docker page says that openwrt isn't even compatible and so i'm like where is the real openwrt docker CE information talking about host vs bridged mode but from the routers point of view where I want to run host mode.

There are Plex docker images for some arm architectures, v8 and v7.

Anything slower will be too under powered for Plex

I am going to end up using emby. Plex has better instructions and if you use the Plex instructions to install the emby server, it should work.

Instructions for future users interested in emby should ensure that dockerd and docker programs are installed on your firmware or selected in your 'image builder' if you are like me and can only get docker installed by making your own image.
Emby may update their docker instructions since I informed them they have incomplete instructions but use the instructions from the listed plex docker website in the meantime to setup your emby server.

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