Max number of MAC addresses for whitelisting


First post, so please let me know if I do or say something wrong.
I have a Xiaomi R3P router. While I'm happy with it at the moment, I have an issue where there is a limit of 32 devices for whitelisting WiFi devices by MAC address.
I've reached a point where I need to whitelist more devices so hoping flashing the router with OpenWrt might be a solution.

Which leads me to my question: is there a limit to the number of MAC addresses I can assign to whitelisting?


WiFi MAC-address filter is mostly useless because of its low effectiveness against real threats.
And the more clients you have, the more meaningless it is.

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Thanks for the reply.
I know MAC addresses can be spoofed, and as ineffective as it can be, I was seeing it as another level to work work through to access my network should someone crack my WiFi password.
Would you have suggestions to strengthen my WiFi security, bearing in mind I have quite a few Wemos and other simple Arduino based boards so need to be able to get these devices to "programmatically" access/login.


I’d split your IoT devices onto their own SSID and VLANs. That way they’re separate and you can control their DNS and Internet access too. Same with a guest wireless. This lets you more easily control, set, and rotate the password.

MAC and IP-based filtering is pretty much useless. Even more if someone has the skills to crack your password. Much harder to fake how you’re connected (topology).


@lolouk44, welcome to the community!

Here's a classic thread on the WiFi MAC White-list topic; and a decent read:

Regarding your direct question: I am not aware of a 32-device limit on OpenWrt.

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