Matching device to Lede package (TP-Link WDR3600)

Maybe this belongs in the documentation section but I'm not sure how to get for my device (TP-Link WDR3600) to the firmware image I should install. In the hardware support table, it's listed as supported. if it helps, the SoC is Atheros AR9344 + AR9582.

thanks in advance.

The device page on wiki gives the download links:

Firmware LEDE Install URL:
Firmware LEDE Upgrade URL:

thank you for the pointer. I had gotten as far as[Model*~]=3600 but could not find the link to the device page.

The link is a bit hidden in the right column as "view/edit". It is not quite obvious at the first glance that it is an important link.

Maybe the "view/edit" link in the router search table's "Device Techdata" column could be instead "Device techdata page" or something like that. It would be more easily recognised as an useful link (instead of looking like a table maintenance link...).

I'm sure its hard to find the links just because the LEDE version of the Device hardware page is missing as that page would hold all the techdata similar to the current OWRT Device page

EDIT: Also maybe the OWRT Device page column should be swapped with LEDE Device Page Column
(Reading from left to right - I see

"Current LEDE Release" -> "OWRT Device page"
"Current LEDE Release" -> "LEDE Device Page"

If you are searching for firmware downloads, go here: