Mariadb - fresh install password

Hi there on a fresh install of openwrt 18.. install mariadb-server what would be the the default password to login to mysql
after the the install i tried mysql -u root -p it gives me password prompt but it can not determine what the password is .. i tried changing the password by;
mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables &

but that does not work either
would someone have a suggestion what I might be doing wrong ???

Hello sash99,

It's possible to set a root password. By default none is set. mysqld_safe is not the way to do it, I'm afraid. Plain mysqld should be used if I remember correctly.

But you could instead not set a root password and install auth_socket instead. That will allow local users to maintain the databases without a password. So you could use "mysql -u root" without "-p" and it should just work.

If you restart mysqld after installing the plugin mysqld should load the plugin automatically. I did not try this with auth_socket, but with some other plugins, and they were loaded automatically.

In the development (master) package auth_socket is baked into the server by default, by the way.

Try it out. If you have problems let me know. I've got a few 18.06 devices here for testing if needed.

Kind regards,

thank-you kindly for the reply. it turns out that the permission on the /mnt/data was not setup correctly for mysql - nothing was written to /mnt/data at install.. changed permission - uninstalled mariadb then installed again. and it all worked fine after that

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