Manually or incident based restart of vpn-policy-based script


I managed to set up an small device (WLR 755) to connect to different vpn servers (wireguard and openvpn) and used several SSIDs to separate wifi networks for connection. To separete the vpn connections I installed vpn-based-routing.

My problem: If I reboot the device, vpn-based scripting is starting with an error (set waiting time to 60s):


If i manually restart the vpn-based-routing everything works fine (2 wireguard server are intentionally not started with booting):


How can manually restart the "script" after booting or if a device connects to a wifi network?

Any help appreciated ..



manual restart after reboot can be achieved using the local start up script.

for triggering events, look into hotplug, not sure it's capable of handling client events though.

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I tried the local start script:

but no change / success. Still have to press the restart button in Luci UI.


probably have to put a restart after the actual command

restart was the trick - now it works:


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