Mango as 2nd router for NAS strange problem

Have very strange problem with my mt300n-v2 MANGO when tried to set it up as secondary router for network drive . I have connected MANGO to my primary router (4G Huawei b525s-23a) with wired LAN to LAN connection but have very strange behavior of all setup and couldn't resolve it in more than a week now.
Plan was that all my devices connect to 1st router wifi to access internet and NAS attached to 2nd router which is LAN to LAN connected to 1st router.
So this is my setup:
1st router (4G Huawei b525s-23a) - connection to internet and main AP for inhouse devices
DHCP Enabled
2nd router (mt300n-v2 MANGO) - connected to 1st router LAN to LAN, used for NAS
DHCP Disabled
I followed this instruction to enable attached drive and share it over home network and that worked, i successfully access shared drive from my laptop.

But after that my internet connection on my laptop doesn't work anymore. I'm getting DNS error when trying to use internet.
I checked adapter options of my wifi card on my laptop and find that default gateway changed to IP address of MANGO ( and it should be
If i disconnect MANGO from 1st router and restart laptop internet is working, default gateway of laptop is as should be
So can someone please help me to sort this out.
I reset MANGO couple of times and set everything from scratch and the result is always same, no internet (DNS error, wrong gateway on laptop), but NAS is working...

sounds to me as if the DHCP isn't disabled after all ...

You want this, with the already installed Samba extras

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That did the trick.
Now everything is working as it should...
Thank you...

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