MANET pi3 network

Hi there,

For my project at university i am investigating MANETs in emergency broadcasting and de-centralised civilian networks.

I do not have any real background in computing and my degree is broadcast related so sorry if the questions seem trivial.

i have managed to get LEDE on one of my pis, but i have not clue what the next step is, can someone please point me in the right direction on how to get the batman.adv routing protocol working. Completely used to raspian-lite and even then it was very basic knowledge.

Any suggestions or point in the right direction on how to get the pis in a MANET or just how to activate the batman protocol would be hugely appreciated.

thanks again guys

The Pi3 has a Broadcom wifi chip which I am not sure if it supports the modes necessary for meshing.

Do you need to connect to an existing network, or form your own independent network? The second one of course has more options.

Ideally, id would like to make their own independent ad-hoc mesh purely from the pi's.

using raspian-lite, i have managed to get them in ad-hoc mode, ping eachother and netcat messages through tcp ports. Its just taking it to the next stage now where i am struggling, hence why i have turned to LEDE and possibly the batman routing protocol.

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