Management VLAN on a dumb AP

Dedicated APs like the TP Link EAP 245 come with features like a Management VLAN.

With this, You can broadcast ssids mapped to multiple vlans and the router interface will only be accessible on the management vlan. How do I configure this in openwrt?

Right now, I have created two interfaces that bridges the corresponding wireless interface + the vlan ethernet interface but the router's interface is accessible in those wifi vlans for anyone connected to the wifi network. I can setup firewall rules on the AP to stop this but I am trying to figure out a better solution.

I also have to configure static IPs on that bridge interface and I'd rather not do that at all like I don't have to do it in eap245.

If you followed the dumbAP guide, you can consider the default lan interface as the management. Then add all the extra vlans/interfaces/ssids you wish with unmanaged protocol under the interface.