Make printer on WAN side findable from LAN side

Downstairs I got the router/AP provided by my ISP with multiple devices connected, including a Samsung ML2525 laserprinter thru ethernet and a Canon inktjet thru WiFi. I also ran a cable to the top-floor of our house where I placed my OpenWRT router connecting the riser-cable to the WAN port.
Op the top floor both wired and WiFi devices connect to the OpenWRT router.
All this to raise the number of available Ethernet ports and to create a separate WiFi upstairs which is diabled when by night when my kids are asleep.

When connected to the downstairs network, by Wifi or Wire, the printers advertise themself to both mobile devices (iOS) and computers (Windows10/Linux Mint).
So adding a printer to a device is as simple as selecting it from the list available printers.

I really would like that computers op the LAN side of the OpenWRT router could enjoy the same ease of adding a printer. Is that possible and how to accomplice that?

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Your search terms for the day are "mdns repeater", "bonjour repeater" or similar. The printer advertisement uses mDNS/Bonjour.

Alternately, if the printer IP addresses are already known, it should be possible to add them directly by referring to them using their IP addresses.


Instead of having your OpenWrt device as a router, make it an access point. Search the wiki for dumb ap.


Thanks for all your reply's.

mDNS: Tried the software-library but can't find out which of the 18 packages available I need to make the router forward these multicast - DNS-registrations. Can you please point me to somewhat of a manual or a more in-depth help?

Dump AP: Could not find if turning the router to a dump access-point would still leave me the option to disable WiFi by a schedule, which I find necessary. If I understand correctly it would definitely mean I would become a LAN port short upstairs because the 'riser cable' would end up in a LAN in stead of the WAN port of the OpenWRT router.


Not really since you usually can convert WAN to a LAN.

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Googled it but Failed to find a proper configration, Can you Help us Out?

Googled what? Proper configuration for what?

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Is what I'm going to do


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