Make my router be a simple switch, and use WiFi as one of the LAN connections

I hope the graphic helps. I got a Server that I am going to place in the basement. Getting a LAN Cable down there is simply not gonna happen, and WiFi to that server is enough.

My own room has a OpenWRT Router, that provides Internet to all my devices. The WiFi reaches down to the basement.
I would like to use a second OpenWRT Router thats placed in the basement, to pick up the WiFi, and then simply act as a switch. The basement router is not ment to be a DHCP Server, no Firewall, just being a switch, using the main routers WiFi as connection. So that I then can plug a LAN Cable into the basement router, into the Server.

So in the end the Server gets its whole connection, IP and everything from the main router. The second OpenWRT Router in the basement simply acting as "use the wifi as connection, and provice the server with it"

I already tried some OpenWRT Documentations for Access Points, or DumbAPs, etc, but they all didnt really work.


did you ever consider to make things simple :slight_smile: and use some external USB WiFi dongle on your server ?
this way you will skip complexity of WiFi bridge, two routers, etc ....

The guide you need is this one: Wi-Fi extender / repeater / bridge configuration.

With OpenWrt on both ends of the wireless link, you could also use WDS/ 4addr instead of the aforementioned relayd, with tends to be (much-) more reliable.


Theoretically, but I already have a bunch of routers here, that way I can also plug more stuff into the Router in the basement when needed, and I can make WOL possible if needed. Wouldnt work with a wifi dongle

run a cable
will make it fast & reliable
configure router as a dump AP


i used once wifi bridge setup, to be honest, in older OWRT release, and i remember having troubles with relayd / ipv6 / igmp etc...
good luck with bridge

"run a cable"
I already stated that will not happen..not my house, not my 2 storys of building, a cable wont happen. This server will be run over wifi.

and i remember having troubles with relayd

Yeah, I had major trouble even installing it, I found a nice YT Tutorial, but when the guy got WiFi set up to install relayd, it didnt manage to download the package lists for me. And when I got WiFi set up to download and install relayd, once i changed the interface to be a bridge, I couldnt connect to the Router anymore because the static IP didnt work anymore. Something the guy in the tutorial didnt had to do..but it didnt work for me anymore.

The Router uses a old OpenWRT, LEDE, Version 17.0.1, so idk if things are different