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Hi All,
I have noticed that after setting "kernel profiling" via make menuconfig, I can see that the options is set in .config

$ grep PROFIL .config

however, when I start an openwrt build I see a message early on saying

# configuration written to .config

and when I check .config I see

$ grep PROFIL .config

So, my changes made via make menuconfig are lost when the .config is rebuilt.

Is there someplace else where I can set options so that they are retained for the build?

Thanks for your help,
John Alfredo

You can try in make kernel_menuconfig, but this sounds like a bug anyway, probably want to report it.

I tried the make kernel_menuconfig, and saw that the .config that was written was in


However, just as before, after I started a build CONFIG_PROFILING was unset in this location.

What is the procedure for reporting this?

AFAIK, reporting is limited to source which is being actively developed.

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commit 7768735873
Author: Hauke Mehrtens <redacted>
Date:   Tue Mar 1 23:16:17 2016 +0000

    kernel: update kernel 3.18 to version 3.18.27
$ git log --pretty=oneline 7768735873..openwrt/master | wc -l