Make menuconfig luci-ssl and luci-ssl-openssl selects but does not unselect libustream-

I built more than one time to recognize that when in select luci-ssl-openssl it selects libustream-openssl but does not unselect it if I try to build luci-ssl right after that.
That leads to an error because libustream-openssl and libustream-mbedtls can not be selected at the same time.
I had to unselect the not desired package manually to make my build run without error.
Is that behavior meant to be or is it a bug?

It is a feature.
There is no track in .config why some package was pulled into it, automatically due to to dependencies or manually by you. Thus it can't be removed automatically.

Best practice is to keep the short .config recipe that only contains the device selection and the highest packages that you select. Then you can always start from that and easily prune unnecessary test packages.

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