Majority of DSLReports speed test servers offline

This has been the case for a while now...

Despite numerous complaints from DSLR members, there is no indication from the moderators, or the site owner, that this will be resolved.

Waveform is probably the better alternative to recommend...

I switched over to Waveform a month ago, when DSLR's test servers stopped working.


Just an FYI to the community.

A lot of folks are used to recommending DSLR...some may not be aware.

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Ping times on DSLR started at 12msec 3 years ago. This spring, they crept up to 40msec, then 75 msec a month ago.

I get the impression that the whole DSLR site is on life-support.

That's another topic.

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And here I was thinking the issue was at my end :man_facepalming:

Going to give Waveform a shot.

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