Major PITA with discourse -- scrolling to the first post [solved]

I was in the middle of the long thread and then wanted to jump to the first post of it. Scrolling yielded unbelievable delays when "more" posts needed to be loaded, and for some reason I couldn't just jump straight to the top using the slider on the right. :frowning:

With more long threads or in general needs to jump from first to last (or last to first) post, it would sure become an issue.

There's probably a way to do it with discourse (and if there is -- please share), but it didn't come to me naturally. :frowning:

Clicking topic title jumps you to the top

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Thank you! What about jumping to the bottom?

I think then it is the time of last post by scroll bar on right.

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Thank you! Just noticed slider now works as well. Must have been something with the browser before.

And from keyboard also the home and end buttons scroll nicely to top/bottom

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Thank you Hannu! That's also command-up and command-down for us home-less and end-less people. :wink:

One more way that I just found:
"#" opens a dialog into which you can enter the number of post to jump into

That and also other keyboard shortcuts can be found from the top-right menu (or with "?")

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Keyboard clicks, who'da'thunkit.