Major European funding program is taking submissions

I note that I have a few than a few things on my wishlist for openwrt (please contact me offlist), an that this program looks ideal to help put a floor under more of you participating in the openwrt development process. Please find time to apply. I can help on proposals but not being in europe probably do not qualify for funding myself.

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Thanks for bringing this up! Here's a quote from the document tho:

The focus will be on advanced and applied research that is linked to relevant use cases and
that can be brought quickly to the market; apps and services that innovate without a research
component are not covered by this model.

I use openwrt for my research ( and wished a hell of a lot more unis did. A lot of what happens here, qualifies as research, as merely using the latest linux operating systems and network stacks is rather innovative in itself.

... "that is often brought quickly to market" is openwrt's raison de terr


Dave, thanks for pointing to this program, but this is from last year (2020), right?

2021 I thought. Just an updated doc...