Main mesh without wireless


I have my router flashed with OpenWRT, and I would like to flash my mesh pods too.
At the moment I have a main mesh and 2 client pods(TP-link).

From the documentation it's not clear to me if I have to configure all mesh pods the same way or that I have to configure the client pods in a different way.

And if there is a main/client structure. Is it possible to have my router setup as main, even it doesn't have a wireless adapter?

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A mesh network is a wireless network, so you cannot have a "mesh" without wireless.

Have you read this documentation?:

There is no such thing as a "main mesh", a "mesh pod" or a "client pod" from the OpenWrt point of view, those terms being proprietary to Tp-Link I guess.

The mesh component of the configuration must be identical on all meshnodes, ie the same radio channel, same mesh id, same encryption key.

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