MAC address randomization by removing the ability to read the hardware mac

Is there some more simple way other then

a) removing the hardware mac address from the write-protected space in the SPI chip

b) removing the ability from the OpenWrt sourcecode at compilation time

to get the same most secure and best working OpenWrt functionality of MAC randomization at router boot time?

There are many reports of broken configurations that leads to releasing the real hardware mac address. For example there is a thread in this forum where someone was expecting random MAC in general, but when used the interface as client instead of AP mode, the real hardware MAC address was used.

All this would be fixed if there is some function, to simply "break" the OpenWrt ability to read the MAC address. Its known, that when the MAC readout from SPI is not working properly(for example a device that is not correctly ported), then OpenWrt does perfectly working and secure MAC randomization for all interfaces at every single boot.