MAC address monitor

Looking at my home network the layer 2 participants in the different VLANs are quite static. As a measure of security I would like be able to acknowledge MAC addresses of clients and give them a tag and/or a name for reference.
In case a new participant appears I would like to get a notification so I can either acknowledge it too or start investigating.

I have been thinking about that for years but I'm not aware of a software targeting that idea. Do you know if there is something like this?

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use hotplug to monitor dhcp events ?


yes actually this should be a better system than scanning the entire network

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Methods like dhcp/DHCPv6 are unreliable as they might not even be used at all. Everything that's getting into the ARP/NDP table I would like to store persistently alongside a tag / name maybe in UCI. Tags could be "acknowledged" or maybe "rogue" or whatever.

I'm aware this might not be a good fit for those damageable flash devices. I'm running my firewalls on x86, so no problem there.

My first thought was to implement it with prometheus / grafana / alertmanager but I was thinking of something more tightly integrated. Sadly I'm a knewb to lua.

You can use addrwatch package (like old arpwatch but more functional), it is slightly more ocmpact than grafana