M7603e mt7615e(mt7621) Terrible Wireless. Don't know whats wrong. Need help

Hi everyone. I'm totally newcomer to openwrt community. I found a firmware for my device https://github.com/tkso1997/openwrt-r2100. And I latest builded snapshot with that. But I don't know what is wrong but I cant reach near quarter of speeds at stock firmware(MiWiFi based openwrt). I don't know whats wrong but I thought is 5.4 can cause this issue? And I wanna try to build firmware which I given above based OpenWRT(19.07.x) but I don't know how I can do that. If you help to build the firmware I wanna test with 4.xx kernel

My Device: Xiaomi Mi AC2100 (Xiaomi R2100)
MT7621+(MT7603E - MT7615E)
Note: No stable firmware available for my device

And I'm welcoming all improvement suggestions for wireless.
My wireless bitrates are 27mbps/108mbps(2.4/5) both are terrible. I can't use network. If anyone helps me to get rid of this situation I'll be glad... Thanks.

You could ask over in New Xiaomi Router AC2100 regarding their experiences.

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