LXC in OpenWRT, unable to create a custom image


I am asking this question after reading through the OpenWRT Wiki, some questions answered here in the forum, trying out myself on both Debian and Ubuntu platforms.

I am new to OpenWRT and my first requirement is to Install OpentWRT in a VirtualMachine (VirtualBox) and create some linux containers (LXCs) in it.

My questions are:

  1. Which LXC & Kernel options i should choose in make_menuconfig to get the required image?
  2. Is it must to use make kernel_menuconfig to select LXC options like cgroups and namespaces? The moment I run the make kernel_menuconfig command, make process starts and it runs for about an hour and fails. I am not getting the applet to select options.

Could you please help me.


if your using master there have been some major kernel bumps so... yeah, most of the existing threads/docs may have to be tweaked...

while it's a little bit of a pain... the best thing to do is

  • compile a vanilla x64 on snapshot/master...
  • make menuconfig ( and add lxc packages + optset ) + recompile
  • boot it in a vm and checkconfig... then keep adding stuff one by one ( typically in make kernel_menuconfig )

Anticipate teething issues, as said, from either kernel ver... or package staleness ( create scripts mostly )... possibly worth it for some edge cases on a well resourced device needing some bespoke app...( and you have some requisite skills ) but in terms of a robust option it is not ( dropping back to 19 or 18 might be necessary if the packages themselves aren't playing nice )

You will however get some decent knowledge of the buildroot system by such an undertaking... ( and you'd be keeping the broader community up to date-ish )

OpenWrt "within" LXC is alot more viable / production worthy...

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