Luci webpages very slow displayed

luci webpages very very slow displayed and sections are displayed fragmnets
The display time of all pages is very long
What should I do to fix this?

Which device?
Which OpenWrt version?

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zbt we826
openwrt 18.06

18.06.0/1/2/3? Self compiled or downloaded?

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self compiled

Please post the output of

df -h

Do you have LuCI running on uhttpd or on nginx?
Which packages do you have included in your image?
Which services (apart from the standard OpenWrt services) are running?
Does the same happen (LuCI is slow) with a downloaded vanilla 18.06.2 or snapshot image?


on the uhttpd

most of package is stadard of openwrt

cpu usage is very high and i dont know why this happen
how find which section is high process with cpu ?

This question hasn't been answered yet.

Yes, with this version somewhat better, but still slow pages are displayed

Which version exactly? 18.06.2 or snapshot or both?

18.06 version

Please answer the question:

cat /etc/openwrt_version

exactly 18.06.2
ngix is faster or uhttpd?

Does the same happen (LuCI is slow) with a downloaded (not self compiled) snapshot image?

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Why do you have a and running in your top output? what are they? They are not part of OpenWRT? Your rpcd and ubusd should not be using so much cpu also.

Why don't you install pre-built OpenWRT firmware and see if you still have the same problem? Why did you build your own ?

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