LuCI - Total memory available

Hi all,

I have OpenWRT flashed and installed on a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 that has eMMC storage with capacity of 32GB.

After accessing LuCI, the first page, under "Memory" the total available for the system and it's 1.82GB as depicted.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm brand new to this and I don't have much experience flashing embedded systems. Is there any way have all storage available for the system? Like, 30GB or so available? The reason behind this is that I'll use OpenWRT to log gps coordinates and I'd like to have all storage available to host this data.

A little help will be appreciated.

Available memory is not the same thing as available drive (storage) space.

The memory that you will see on the main status page is RAM.
In LuCI, you can see the used/available storage space by going to System > Mount Points (or System > Software for just your main/overlay partition).

Using the CLI, you can use free to monitor RAM and df to look at your storage (often df -h is best since it makes it more human friendly).


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