LuCi themes not appearing

Here I have some luci themes installed

But I can't seem to change the theme, and the Design box in System>System>Language and Style is just empty

I'm not sure why none of the theme is there (even the default bootstrap theme is not there), maybe I did something wrong? What is the cause? What should I do? Can I change the theme from the terminal instead?

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You might try rebooting. It may refresh the config seen by LuCI.

It is configured in /etc/config/luci

I have rebooted it multiple times from doing other things but it's still not there.
Do you have an example of the config file with a theme? I'm guessing it should be in "config internal themes" but I don't know how the format should be

Relevant sections of my /etc/config/luci with two themes installed (themes section), and bootstrap being selected: (main section, "mediaurlbase"):

 OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r14576-d96d324280
root@router1:~# cat /etc/config/luci

config core 'main'
        option lang 'auto'
        option mediaurlbase '/luci-static/bootstrap'
        option resourcebase '/luci-static/resources'
        option ubuspath '/ubus/'

config internal 'themes'
        option Bootstrap '/luci-static/bootstrap'
        option Material '/luci-static/material'

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