LuCi theme behaviour change

Since a few days ago when I run 'attended sysupgrade' the LuCi theme reverts to bootstrap rather than OpenWrt-2020. So each time I upgrade now I have to manually switch back to the nicer looking theme. Why has this started happening and how can I stop it?

I've noticed that too with imagebuilder snapshot upgrades I've made - always reverts to Bootstrap - haven't tracked down the code that does that .... yet

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And bootstrap just looks so ancient.

Like Windows 95 or so.

Or perhaps even 3.1.

Be sure to install:

Installed already. Unless has to be manually installed?

doesn't matter if another theme is installed and is selected before the upgrade - an upgrade seems to always change the theme to bootstrap

I think it's since the light/dark buttstrap theme selection was added - but I could be wrong

I mean, all you have to do is login and select your preferred theme - which is still there after the upgrade


Thanks! This saves users from the trauma of seeing the ancient looking theme appear on upgrade, and the pain associated with having to switch it back to the shiny looking theme.

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