Luci-statistics ping enabled but not working

Pretty much that. It’s installed, configured but the graphs are showing nothing

How do I start troubleshooting this?


In the past one could use domain names, but since a while only numeric IP addresses seem to work. Here is my /etc/config/luci_statistics' ping section:

config statistics 'collectd_ping'                                                                                                   
        option TTL '127'                                                                                                            
        option Interval '30'                                                                                                        
        option enable '1'                                                                                                           
        option AddressFamily 'any'                                                                                                  
        option Hosts ''   

only are reported, is silently dropped. Could that be your issue?

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I only put in

I’ll check the config and compare against yours. Thx!

I only had IP’s but copy & pasting yours (and removing gstatic) has it working now

So wierd as it was configured they luci-statistics

Thanks again for your help!


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